We are a church family, a people united together in Christ to live into God’s Kingdom here in West View. Church family means a depth of community where we continue learning about one another. 
To help us continue growing in relationship, we are creating a new church directory where pictures will help new people feel connected and folks who have been a part of our church for many years see how the church has grown throughout the years. 


Dates - Monday August 27th and Tuesday August 28th
Each Day there are sessions between 2pm and 9pm. 

Sign Up Here for the time that works best for your schedule.
You can also sign up before or after worship on the weekends at the church.  

Q:  How long will the photography session take?
A:  Each session should take between 10-15 minutes.

Q:  Do I have to be a member of the church to have a photo session?
A:  No, everyone is invited to have a photo session and will be given the option of being included in the directory.

Q:  Do I have to purchase photographs?
A:  No, everyone will receive a free 8x10 and will be offered the option of purchasing additional pictures.

Q:  What do I do if neither of those dates work for me or my family?
A:  Contact the church office and let us know.  We will look to schedule a date in the future for everyone who can't make those dates.

Q: Can I invite others to have their family portrait taken?
A:  Absolutely, invite those who you know that might want to have their family portrait made.  They will also receive a free 8x10 photograph and won't have to worry about their picture included in the directory.

Q:  How long till we get the directories?
A:  We hope to have the completed hard copy directories available for all who participate in the photo shoots by November.